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Rev. Fr. Francis Menezes, SJ

The world famous Political theorist, Benjamin R Barber once said “I don't divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures, those who make it or those who don't. I divide the world into learners and non-learners.” What distinguishes learners from non-learners is that leaner; learners discover new ways and means to rediscover themselves even when they are pushed to the wall, non learners operate from a fixed mindset.

All learning begins with seeing; that is, it begins with noticing things, paying attention to what is happening around us. Good teachers know this. They realize that the success of anything depends on getting and sustaining their student’s attention. I strongly believe that our education should make us compassionate and loving people more we become humane more divine we will become and that is the process of rediscovering and learning.

Our CBSE School in Mundgod is one such initiative taken by the Jesuits of Mundgod and Karnataka. It is to help our students to rediscover their abilities and grow even when they are confronted with many odds. We want to motivate our students to the level of growth mindset, belief in change rather than set mindset, which believes in set things. Rebound from setback and rediscover who you are and that will make the difference in your own life and in the life of others.

Very soon we will be moving to a new campus with a beautiful building and with all the modern facilities for learning. Learn and discover yourself and you will make the difference. Don’t go by the conventional ways and means but rediscover yourself and it will the make the difference.

We wish all the best to our students and the staff to keep discovering moving and keep growing no matter how things unfold.